About Me

About Me

 Welcome to my blog!

My name is Olivia, but I foresee us being great friends, so you can call me Liv. Here’s a quick little synopsis about me so you know what I’m all about: I created this blog to share my own health tips, advice, as well as healthy and delicious recipes with people such as yourself. My goal to show that you can live and eat healthy without having to sacrifice your favorite foods. Sustainable healthy living does not consist of running 5 miles each day and snacking on lettuce 24/7 (If you do this and it works for you, then GIRL, I give you props), but let’s be real; we would ALL get tired of that real fast.

I aim to convert classic unhealthy meals, snacks, and treats into deliciously crafted foods that benefit your body! While the bulk of my blog is food-related posts, there is also a variety of wellness tips and advice that have helped me along my health journey. I hope that you find my posts to be helpful in assisting you with your own journey, and if you enjoy my content, I would love to hear from you via my Contact Me page.

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